A true friend.

Going through life, many of us often thought about what kind of people are around us. Every day we are faced with a lot of people – be it a neighbor or friend who lives with you in the same courtyard; a classmate or a dance partner. But the truly important for you are people, which we can call friends.

We often hear the reasoning about who is a true friend. Each person has his own criteria, his guidelines. I would like to tell, what the combination of words “a true friend” means for me.
We often do not notice how much is good – to feel the presence of a friend next to ourselves, to feel that you are not alone.

We do not pay attention to those happy moments and the little stupid things that we do with friends, and in fact they are parts of human happiness. All of us, no doubt, have heard the phrase “friend – a man who will not betray, who will not leave us in difficult times …” Of course, on the one hand, it is true. For me, friend – is a person with whom always easy, with whom you want to spend a lot of time together, and no matter where, no matter in what time of day or year. This is a person with whom there will always be topics for discussion, which, perhaps, understandable only to the two of you.

Friend – is a person who feels your mood. For a friendly smile, we often hide our true state of mind, which sometimes leaves much to be desired. But in other ways, only friend can really feel what you feel.
A friend – a person who is always sincere with you. Only a true friend, in joyous moments of your life, is able to sincerely rejoice for you and your success, while others are hard trying to hide envy.
The friend – the one who takes care of you better than you about yourself. The one who sincerely promises you that he would kill if you do not stop drinking many cups of coffee per day, who believes in you.