Friendship – a mutual, a bright feeling, in no way inferior to feeling of love. Friendship – it’s a necessity. After all, no one in the world can not live his whole life in solitude, man, for personal and for spiritual growth just need to communicate. Without friendship, we begin to withdraw into themselves, begin to suffer from a lack of understanding and understatement.

For me, a close friend is equated to brother or sister. Such relationships are not afraid of any challenges, the hardships of life. Each in his own way understands the concept of “friendship”. For someone – a communication on similar interests, for others – a joint experience, mutual aid.

I mean by the concept of friendship – a spiritual closeness, absence of envy in moments of ups and support at a time when it seemed that the whole world has turned away from you. Friend – is not acquaintance with which you can spend your time, it’s almost a family member. Friendship should be mutual and trusting, without this, friendship will not be strong and reliable.

Close friends should be no more than three, and the rest – just acquaintances, people with whom you have to periodically communicate, walk, meet at work, in the shop or on the street. Of course, there are such persons who want to show what you have inside, but you must be careful. Some people, under the guise of friendship, pursue in a relationship with you only personal benefit. Such a one-sided friendship can lead to deep disappointment in other people.

Life – it is a very complex process. At any moment it anything could happen, but having a close and trusted person next to you, you can be calm. No adversity, illness and other difficulties will not be able to break down you – because you will always have support in the form of strong friendly shoulder.