The main types of friendship.

Based on the specifics of friendly relations, we can consider them, with reference to the following three basic patterns:

Friendship of two people united by one profession (colleagues);

Relations that have become strong, since kindergarten, school, university and so on (childhood friends);

Finally, a bond that was formed spontaneously, at some particular moment of the life (disco, theater, stadium, common friends, common interests, and so on).

In each such case of the emergence and continuation of friendship there are positive and negative nuances. Because not all friendly relations are built on the foundation of honesty and sincerity. Let us first turn to the negative aspects, which often lie at the base of quite normal, like, relations.

There are friends who need a person to become a “vest” for other people’s tears. They take pleasure in the fact that an outsider trusts them with their most secret secrets. They are lonely in nature and need not in a concrete person, but in the consciousness that he has someone, over whom he has power.

There are also friends, who are friends with someone, as long as it is convenient for them. The most common pairs are either a despot, admired by his friend who is ready to do everything for the sake of friendship, or simply a pragmatic person who skillfully maintains the relationships to extract, from time to time, any benefit for himself.

But there are also sincere relations, between sufficiently older people, and friendship between a guy and a girl, which is also not uncommon. Most often they arise from a harmony of interests and have a fairly powerful resource for survival. And this friendship can be not only in the ordinary reality, but, for example, in social networks. Young people, for whom, with the entry into a serious life, are opened numerous professional opportunities, they can easily communicate among themselves, without seeing any sexual implication in it. The same thing happens with more adult people, who are united by a common profession or common interests in music, painting or literature. There is a huge space for a fruitful exchange of useful information.